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amorris's Journal

Allen Morris
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23, 42, abandoned buildings, academia, alice in wonderland, aliens, anthropology, anti-globalization, architecture, aromatherapy, artificial intelligence, astrology, astronomy, biology, books, brick, capitalism, carrboro, chaos, chapel hill, cheese, chemistry, city planning, cityscapes, classic rock, coffee, complexity, computers, concrete, construction, construction sites, creativity, cthulhu, culture, culture studies, design, dolphins, dreams, drinking tea, dune, ecology, edgar allen poe, encyclopedias, energy, environmental science, environmentalism, etymology, evolution, feminism, fiction, fleetwood mac, flow, friends, gaia, globalization, homeopathy, hp lovecraft, intelligence, joseph campbell, knowledge, language, learning, lewis carroll, life extension, linguistics, literature, living, local government, math, meditation, movies, music, mythology, nature, new urbanism, north carolina, organic farming, parallel universes, paranormal, pattern recognition, people, philosophy, philosophy of science, physiology, politics, psycholinguistics, psychology, reading, relationships, religion, research, science, science fiction, scifi, shakespeare, smart growth, social dynamics, sociology, space exploration, space migration, spirituality, subways, sustainable living, synchronicity, tea, technology, the beatles, theology, thinking, time, tori amos, trees, truth, unc, urban decay, urban planning, urban policy, urban renewal, urban sprawl, veganism, vegetarianism, villages, walking, water, wetlands, winmore, wisdom, words, writing, zazen, zen, zoning